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  • 2024 Electronica China--Shanghai

    The electronics industry's biggest trade show, Electronica China 2024, is about to open.CNT will show our latest PH0...
    Release time:2024-06-25   Click times:8

  • CNT Celebrates its 18th Anniversary

    Bathed in the sunlight ofYanchengCity, all employeesofCNT gatheredtogether to celebrate this significant event in theco...
    Release time:2024-06-10   Click times:6

  • Statement on Conflict Minerals

    CNT is committed to legal and ethical compliance in all our business practices. We also support the goal of en...
    Release time:2021-05-21   Click times:75

  • Electronica China 2021

    We warmly invite you to attend our booth#N5 5744during April14th-16th,2021 for Electronica China 2021Exhibition.Location...
    Release time:2021-02-19   Click times:85

  • Hit the lights of Electronica China 2020

    Electronica China 2020 held from 3rd to 5th July has come to a close. Thank you all to visit our booth!CNT is one profes...
    Release time:2020-07-07   Click times:118

  • Electronica China 2020

    We warmly invite you to attend our booth#D710 H6.2 during Sep. 3rd-5th 2020 for ElectronicaChina 2020 Exhibition.
    Release time:2020-06-01   Click times:140

  • Electronica India 2019

    We'll attend Electronica India 2019 during Sep25-27th in Greater Noida India.Booth No.:EM51-5 in Hall 12.Welcome to ...
    Release time:2019-06-24   Click times:86

  • European Utility Week

    We'll attend the European Utility Week during Nov.12-14th,2019 in Paris,France.Booth No.:A36.Welcome to our booth to...
    Release time:2019-06-24   Click times:68

  • The role of the connector coating

    The role of the connector coating has four main points:1. The coated connectors are not easily oxidized and cured2. And ...
    Release time:2017-12-25   Click times:110

  • Automotive wiring harness technology and production

    With the continuous improvement of people's comfort, economy and safety requirements, the types of electronic produc...
    Release time:2017-12-25   Click times:126

  • Connector introduction

    Connector, CONNECTOR. Domestic also known as connectors, plugs and sockets. Generally refers to the electrical connector...
    Release time:2016-07-27   Click times:88

  • Why use the connector?

    Imagine if there is no connector will be like? In this case, the circuits should be permanently connected by a continuou...
    Release time:2016-07-27   Click times:97

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