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How to identify the plastic quality of connectors?

Date of release:2022-09-23 Author:KSCNT Click:

How to identify the plastic quality of connectors?

Quality of the connector plastic is very critical. If the quality of the plastic shell is not up to standard, the protective performance of the connector will be reduced, and it may also lead to premature failure of the connector. In view of the quality problem of connector plastic, CNTs engineer mainly introduces the identification method of the quality of connector plastic on this article.


1. Observe the appearance of the connector plastic:

Mainly by observing whether the surface of the connector plastic has bad problems such as sharpening, indentation, color difference, dirt, breakage, lack of glue, and improper assembly.


2,Performance test of the plastic shell of the connector:

Inspection equipment is usually used to test the performance of the rubber shell of the connector. The standard process of testing is divided into size measurement, plugging force test, salt spray test, insulation test, temperature resistance and cold resistance, and plugging life test.


3,Confirm the suitable temperature range of different plastics by distinguishing plastic materials.

For example: PBT can generally withstand 230 ℃; nylon can withstand 260 ℃;and LCP can withstand 280 ℃.

When looking at the three materials individually, there is no significant difference. Then how should we check/verify which plastic the supplier uses?

The method is actually very simple --- Baking oven.

The oven temperature is set to 250°C, and if it melts, it's PBT. Otherwise, at least nylon, or even LCP.

In the same way, let's distinguish between nylon and LCP.

With the promotion of lead-free production processes in many companies, the requirements for plastic temperature resistance are getting higher and higher. CNT hereby recommends that customers prefer nylon plastics.

If you are still undecided, you can contact CNTs sales staff at any time, and they will provide you with the most cost-effective recommendation.

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