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How to evaluate the price of pin header and female header

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How to Evaluate the Price of Pin Header and Female Header

    1. Materials----Materials used are generally based on whether they are imported or not. Usually imported materials are more expensive. Secondly, the price fluctuations in the market. Usually, the market of connectors doesnt have large changes. The fluctuation range of pin header and female header is not large.

    2. Specifications-----The price of header and female hears with different specifications and manufacturing difficulties are naturally different, and they are usually quoted based on PIN numbers and length.

CNT-M200-2XX-GD-430 .jpg

3. Plating----Plating is the key to protect the durability of connectors. The price of the metal plated and related thickness will have a great impact. I believe everyone understands the price gap between gold and silver.

4. Brand----If you buy from original big factory like Molex, JST, TE, HRS and so on, it will be a lot more expensive. If you find a substitute manufacturer, the price will naturally be lower. Somebody will say the quality determines the price. Actually now the quality of many substitute manufacturers is not inferior to the original factory, like CNT connector. The price will be much more affordable. The original factory is expensive because of the brand effect, the customer's recognition of the manufacturer's quality, and the credit advantage accumulated over.

When purchasing connectors, manufacturers usually give a quotation and drawing which contain detailed material information. It will help everyone to judge. Surely the better the connector is, the higher the price will be. Pay attention to the price and don't blindly greedy the cheap, after all, you get what you pay for. Balance the price and qualtiy is very import.

CNT as a professional connector factory, in board to board connector and board to wire connector, has founded for over 14 year. All materials and production follow strict IPQ, FAI, ICPQ and OPQ inspection process. All materials meet ROHS, REACH and UL requirement. Welcome customers to contact us.

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